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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...Hank wants to pimp me out. My husband said "Go right ahead!" It will serve my husband right if I have to spread my legs for Hanks friends too!
"My Husband has me Dating Again!"
HUSBAND JASON SAYS... I told my wife to start dating Derek regularly because I love to watch Derek fuck her in the ass!
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HUSBAND JASON SAYS...Hank fucks my wife more than I do. He fucks her once a week at a local motel on his lunch hour!
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HUSBAND JASON SAYS...I got my wife a job interview with my boss. I think she will be a good employee for him!
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...I haven't worked a real job in a long time, but my husband says I need to start pulling my weight so he set up a job interview with his boss to work for his company!
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"Pimped by my Black Boyfriend!"newJason Says... "JB has been fucking my wife in all her holes for years and now has decided he want's to pimp her out to a few of his friends and make her his party whore." She is submissive to JB and will do whataver he tells her to do!
Jackie Says... "I love my black boyfriend JB He has fucked me so good for so long and I will do anything he wants me to do. If he wants his friends to fuck me, I will suck their black dicks and spread my legs and let all of them use me to please him!"
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"1st Time Pimped to BBC!"newJason Says... "I'd been whoring my wife Jackie out to white men for a year before she relented and agreed to let me set up a date for a big cocked black man to fuck her. I shaved my wife's pussy smooth then she dressed for her date. She looked like a hot piece of ass. I fingered her cunt, she was already wet. I drove her to David's hotel. We met him in the bar and had a glass of wine. Before long we were up in his room and my wife was on her knees with David's big black cock in her mouth. He fucked her face then got her on the bed. He hammered her cunt for a half hour, then shoved his black cock up my wife's ass and pounded it hard finally unloading a shot of cum into her mouth. He took a short break then fucked her again then we took her out to dinner. David fingered my wife's pussy under the table as she treid to eat her salad then took her back to the hotel and fucked her again!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...My husband wanted me to date black men. I was afraid because I'd heard they had such big dicks, but to please him I finally gave in. My husband took me to Davids hotel. He was a genleman and soon he was fucking me so good. He fucked me in the ass and told me "You'll make a good whore and you'll be taking a lot of black cock up your ass." As it turned out David was right!
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS "My husband has me date other men. He enjoys watching them fuck me. I don't like being called a whore. I 'm really just a dating wife trying to please her husband"
Is she a Whore or a just a dating wife?
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HUSBAND JASON SAYS...Guys don't pay to fuck my wife but some still call her a whore. Who cares as long as they fuck her!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... For a year, my husband has been taking me to a motel once a week so his best buddy Hank, can fuck me. Now Hank told my husband that on game nights he wants to take me to his house and offer my pussy to a couple of his friends. To keep Hank and my husband happy, I guess I'll have to suck his friends dicks and let them fuck me!
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... a few weeks ago, Hank, who my husband invites to our house to fuck me regularly, instead, took me to a motel and loaned me out to his buddy Derek. Derek fucked me in the ass and my husband loved watching! Now I have to date Derek once a month and let him fuck me in the ass to please my husband!
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HUSBAND JASON SAYS... My boss wanted to fuck my wife for years. When he found out guys in the office were fucking her, he got a suite at a local resort and told me to go get my wife, it was his turn to fuck her!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... My husband told me I had to let his boss fuck me. My husband has a good job so I did what a good wife had to do, but I think my husband enjoyed watching his boss's cock pumping in and out of my pussy and how he called me a whore and made me eat his cum. His boss said he's gonna fuck me whenever he wants now and my husband better get used to it!

HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...Hank wanted to pimp me out. I thought it was just a joke but my hubby agreed. Now Derek fucks me in the ass!
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HUSBAND JASON SAYS... Hank fucks my wife regularly now he pimps her to his friend Derek who fucks her ass!

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HUSBAND JASON SAYS... Hank fucks my wife regularly. Today as he fucked her, he took pictures to show his best buddies!

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HUSBAND JASON SAYS... I offer my wife's pussy and ass to black businessmen who are in town for a night or two!
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS ...My husband drops me off at another motel so a visiting black businessman can fuck me!
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HUSBAND JASON SAYS... Hank's been out of town. He hasn't fucked my wife for weeks. He's back and texts me from the airport with pics from the last time he fucked her which he's been stroking to and he wants her pussy now!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... Hubby and I were set to have a nice evening watching TV. He got the text from Hank and I had to go get ready to be fucked again! No TV for me tonight.
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HUSBAND JASON SAYS... I took my wife for a nice date night dinner. When we were done, I put her in the car and took her to the Holiday Inn so Big "D" could fuck her!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...My husband took me for a romantic dinner. Instead of driving me home, he takes me to a motel and tells me: "I got a message from Big D. He says bring your wife to this motel, I want to fuck her tonight!" My hubby dropped me off in the parking lot and told me to go up to Big D's room and suck his dick then let him fuck me!
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